About us

Company Cappa 2, Ltd. was founded in 1993 and since that time it is operating on the Czech market where it has gained a lot of experience in the area of development, production and distribution of car accessories. The company Cappa 2 Ltd. gradually expanded and occupied a strong position not only on the Czech market, but also all over Europe as a leader in the production of design car seat covers. Thanks to long-term manufacturing experience, we have extended our sphere of activity in the production of high-quality motorcycle assortment, where we excel and have a wide portfolio of products in the segment of motorcycle clothing for motorcycle drivers and other complementary products for bikers under the brand Cappa racing, car accessories CPA racing, bicycle accessories Cappa Cyklo and Cappa mattresses in a top-quality design. 

Currently, we have production units in four countries with a total number of 150 employees. Czech Republic employs 30 employees, Italy 5 employees, India 55 employees and China 60 employees. Reference recommendations of excellent cooperation are proven by our business partners, including Globus, Hypernova / Albert (Ahold), or company Penny market