Mattress 7-zone LAURA 18cm

The 7-zone LAURA mattress is made of high-quality HR foam. The foam is made of open cells with large pores, so the mattress is very breathable.


129,82 €


The 7-zone LAURA mattress contains a system of seven bands guarantees comfortable sleeping in any selected position - on the side, abdomen or back. It allows air to move and protects the body from local overheating. Perfectly matched foam parameters ensure maximum sleeping pleasure. The top cover is made of a special breathable fabric, suitable in any season. Possibility to choose the stiffness of the loading surface by simply turning the mattress. You can choose between the softer or harder side.


Mattress height in the cover: 18 cm

  • 8 cm high profiled flexible foam 28kg / m3 with hardness H3
  • 8 cm high profiled flexible foam 25kg / m3 with H2 hardness


Mattress composition:


  • innovative technologies
  • double-sided use - softer side for women and harder for men
  • removable cover
  • excellent otropedic properties
  • quality core with 7 zones for perfect adaptation to the contours of the body
  • possibility to wash the cover
  • quality PUR foam
  • high quality of production
  • zip fastening
  • made in Czech Republic

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