LED Daytime running lights Cappa

Additional daytime running lights. 8 LED diodes, 2 lights. With E4 RL00 homologation and temperature of 6000-6700 K.
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Item code: 00110

Additional headlights for daytime lighting, for cars that are not equipped with automatic daytime running lights.

The headlights are equipped with 8 LEDs and a positionable mounting with screw holes. Minimum consumption and maximum lifetime of diodes.

The lights need to be installed in the prescribed place on the front of the car (self-tapping screws included in the package) and plugged into the fuse box.


  • Universal daytime running LED headlights
  • 8 energy-saving LEDs
  • Homologation E4 RL00
  • Connection to the fuse box.
  • Cable length of each bulb: 165 cm
  • Headlight size: 155 x 36 x 40 mm
  • Cable length: 80 cm
  • Self-tapping screws included in the package


  1. Connect the cables included in the package to the headlights.
  2. Mount the lamps on the vehicle in the prescribed positions specified by law.
  3. Connect the red cable to the positive terminal (+) of the ignition switch.
  4. Connect the black cable to the negative terminal (-) of the car battery.
  5. Connect the yellow cable to the positive (+) terminal of the low beam / marker lights switch
  6. Check the functionality of the lights (that they go out after turning on the headlights of the car)


Code 00110
EAN 2103445001101
Barevná teplota
Typ napájení bateriové

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