Seat covers YASEEN black Cappa

Universal car covers Yaseen black, polyester + foam, set for 5 seats, for divisible and non-divisible rear seats in the ratio of 1/3 on both sides, including headrests, certified for side airbags.
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Item code: 04212

Yaseen car seats are manufactured and certified for use on vehicle seats with side airbags. In the event of an airbag deployment, the specially sewn seam on the side of the airbag will tear.

Yaseen car seat covers do not slide on the seat thanks to the soft foam on the inside of the cover. The armrests and seat parts are made of polyester fabric. The piping and the back of the car seat cushion are made of 100% Polyester.

The front seat covers have a pre-prepared hole for the head restraints. On the rear parts, after carefully installing and switching off the cover, a hole must be punched in the place of the headrests. In the final step, the holes are secured with plastic rings to the seat.

The car seat cover package contains 11 parts:


Driver's seat


1× backrest


1× seat part


1× headrest cover


Passenger seat


1× backrest


1× seat section


1× headrest cover


Rear seats


1× seat section connected by 2 zippers


1× backrest with 2 zippers


3× headrest cover


The rear seats are equipped with zippers for folding the split seats. The car seat covers are suitable for vehicles with both undivided rear seats and 1/3 split seats.


Code 04212
EAN 8592160042126
Použití s airbagem Ano
Dělené zadní sedačky Ano
Typ potahu univerzální
Barva černá

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